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Why us?

Xebia’s Recommendit service helps you engage potential buyers and transform them into established clients. By providing relevant content you will increase both the average order value and the number of items purchased.

Being a high quality, professional and efficient product, Recommendit will boost up your sales with 10% to 30%.

How it works?

With Recommendit, related products or services are to be found. Taking advantage of us will bridge up the gap between the behavior of your (other) clients and the current (worldwide) trends.

The best open source technologies are combined together in a truly efficient and effective way just to suit up your needs and boost up your sales.

Providing your client with real time recommendations has never been easier!

During the year of 2010 Xebia has organized a Tech Rally event in one of our clients' headquarters. 30 developers were present, many ideas were pitched in, but one of them stood up became real: the recommendation engine.

Due to this product we had proven that cross-sell sales can be easily and efficiently increased. Since then, many of Xebia's clients started to promote the service all around the world due to a simple reason: profitability.

Wait no longer! Act now.

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